Do you have classroom training content that you want to convert to online? Online and blended learning can expand your reach, use your trainers’ time more effectively, and give you a sustainable model for training.

Simply transferring your existing PowerPoint presentations to a new format isn’t enough to change behaviors and practice new skills. Rather than transferring content, I approach conversions as transformation. We’ll work together to figure out what’s working well in your current training so we know what must be retained. We’ll also examine what isn’t working well currently so we can improve it in the online version.

The first step in the conversion process is road mapping, which helps me understand your needs and goals better. I only want to work with organizations I can really help solve problems. During this process, we will work together to determine the scope of the project, starting with the following questions:

  • What are your goals?
  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • How will you know if the project is successful?
  • What is working well in the current training?
  • What could be better in the current training?

At the end of the road mapping process, you’ll have a plan for how to proceed. Based on the needs and scope identified, I’ll provide a plan for converting the training, including a cost estimate and timeline.

Does road mapping commit you to working with me long term? Not at all! After the road mapping process, you can take the plan to another vendor if you prefer.

Cost: $1495. Road maps are generally completed within 10 business days after an initial phone call.

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