Referrals are key to my consulting. If you have a colleague, friend, family member, or anyone else who needs help creating great learning experiences, I invite you to connect them with me. I promise to provide whatever help I can—and if I can’t help, I’ll help them find someone else who can.

If you’re curious about who would make an ideal referral and how to refer someone to me, read on.

Who should you refer to me?

My ideal clients are companies or organizations who want to create elearning or blended learning that really works to change behaviors. These are organizations who don’t want the same “click next” training they can get from anyone; they want something that will engage learners and help them practice relevant skills they can really use on the job.

I love working with teams who are just getting started with online learning and need an expert who can guide them through the process. I also help organizations that have been doing elearning for a while but aren’t getting the results they want.

In addition, if there’s anyone you feel would be connected with me for any reason, feel free to refer them. I’m always happy to help referrals however I can, even if that is just helping them find the right person in my own network.

What problems can I help with?

My ideal clients are looking for help:

  • Creating eLearning or blended learning for soft skills or complex topics
  • Converting existing classroom training to online
  • Improving existing training to increase the impact on behavior
  • Getting useful feedback on courses or curriculum plans
  • Selecting effective tools and technology to meet organizational goals and learning needs (development tools, LMSs, webinar tools, etc.)

I am especially interested in working with organizations creating soft skills training and complex skills that benefit from a scenario-based approach.

How should you refer people to me?

The best way to refer people to me is by sending an introduction email, CC-ing me. You’re welcome to copy and paste the template below, customizing the parts in brackets, or feel free to write your own message.

You mentioned that you were looking for help with [problem or issue with online learning they’re facing or an outcome they’re looking for].

I’d like to introduce you to Christy Tucker, a learning experience design consultant who specializes in creating engaging learning experiences.

I’m familiar with Christy’s work and highly recommend her as someone you speak to. I CC’d Christy on this email. She’ll reply in a day or two with some questions to learn more about you and your goals.

In the meantime, you can check out some samples of Christy’s past work with clients here:

Looking forward to hearing how your project goes.


[Your Name]

Thank you

Many of my best clients have come through referrals. I deeply appreciate you taking the time to connect me with your colleagues and friends. If there’s anyone I can refer you to, just email me to let me know what you need and I’ll see who in my network might be able to help you.