This Storyline interaction simulates a series of text messages where you choose from three response options. Each response earns a score or 1, 2, or 3 points. The final feedback message varies based on the total number of points from all three responses.

Text message simulation with 3 choices on right
Three Response Choices

You can read the technical details of how I built the scoring and feedback in my blog post.

Triggers for adding points to the score and showing feedback
Scoring and Feedback Triggers

This interaction was originally built for a client, using completely different content. In that case, we wanted to encourage participants to choose the middle ground, balancing responses between two extremes. I replaced all of the original content with text from the client feedback scenario I built as a Rise sample.

The phone layout and the motion path for sliding up the previous message was based on a text message template shared by Agnieszka Gorgon in the Articulate Heroes forum. In that example, you type your response, and it appears on the phone. Her version gave me a starting point where I could add these specific responses and scoring.

Conversation on Writing Style for Learning
Rise Branching Scenario
Conversation between Pamela and Michael
Conversational Content