This course on coaching and mentoring uses a conversational technique to introduce the content. Instead of a single narrator reading bullet points in a list, I used two characters who explain the content via a conversation.

A short video at the beginning of the course introduces the characters and shows the challenge the protagonist, new manager Michael, faces while coaching one of his employees.

The course content is delivered via a conversation between Michael and his mentor, Pamela. Essentially, learners watch over Michael’s shoulder during his coaching session with Pamela.

Conversation between Pamela and Michael
Conversational Content

The practice activities use mini-scenarios or personal reflections so learners apply their new skills in a realistic context.

Mini scenario with April for practice

You can read an extended description of this course and my design process on my blog. The customer response to this course has been positive. Len Carter, V.P. of H.R. for FHN said, “Truly, these were the best online products for leadership development we’ve ever purchased. We’ll be purchasing more in 2014!”

This course was part of Cine Learning Productions Custom Leadership Training (CLT) program and is shared here with their gracious permission.

More Examples

Screenshot of Storyline branching scenario
Email and Phone Scenario
Captivate Game
Captivate Game